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I like the islands…these are the places where I feel the limits while at the same time give up from my boundaries…

A week end trip to the Greek island Santorini, to meet my Parisian friends…

They say the sunset of the Santorini is the best of the world. I think each islander on this earth is proud of having his own sunset….

Hidden and silent streets where you only see the locals… The main streets always crowded….

And the churches bells, accompanied me during all day….


Last days of summer

I didn’t have time to write you about my last days of summer: I spent a couple of these days in Thessaloniki. There, everything was as if surreal and everyone was in a holiday mood.

The famous Aristotle Square, which is the heart of the city was built after a great fire by a French architect almost one century ago. Even this is showing the  mind difference between “true” Mediterranean people who prefer to get rest in the chic cafes and those of hard working westerners (!). Most of the stores were closed in the city because of the country’s financial problems. However everybody was still preferring to spend their times in the cafes, bars and bistrots longing the Mediterranean sea. Nevertheless, this is a city where, if you spend more than, say, a week you can loose your sense of work and discipline and most probably you would start to act as a true Mediterranean , ie., less work more laziness. To be frank, it’s sometimes good to be like a true Mediterranean, the pictures would confirm that…

Thessaloniki by sea….



Simple but delicious salad!!!




One of the many beaches in Halkidiki area!!!


Around the world in the last days of 2012

This gallery contains 18 photos.

Shabby feels not good for a while, I’ m telling him that we shouldn’t be unhappy especially in the last days of the year where we’re preparing ourselves for the surprises of the new year. The world is small and … Continue reading