Thassos Island (Greece) Guide

How to arrive there?

The only way is by ferry. There are two ferries from the mainland. One is from Kavala and the other is from Keramoti. Ferries leaving Kavala is arriving to Prinos, a port at the north of the island. The ones leaving Keramoti arrive to Limenas, the main port of the island. In my previous trips to the island, I always used the ferries from Keramoti. It takes almost half an hour and big, white seagulls over your heads accompany you on your short journey.

Look to the official web site of  Thassos Ferries  (They even put a Turkish version of their site!). Don’t pay attention to the ferry hours listed on that site, the journeys are frequent between the mainland and the island, every half hour – 45 minutes there’s a ferry coming and going.

Once in the island, you can rent a car – if you’re without any, at the ports. There’s one main road circling the island.This is a crooked road, and it takes about two hours to do a full tour of the island. A good alternative to the car is renting a motorcycle, it’s much cheaper and more comfortable to drive on that road! In any case, you should have a car or a motorcycle in order to see fully the island. I didn’t see much public buses!

Where to stay?

There are plenty of hotels on the beaches of the island. Most of them are simple and clean small hotels offering bed and breakfast. No need to make big organizations before the travel. It’s enough to listen to your adventurous spirit and choose one hotel on the beach you like!

What to eat?

Fish, fish, fish !!! And all other sea food!!! But in the center of the island, in the mountainous area, there are some small towns (like Theologos) famous with their roasted lamb. The island is also famous for its olives, olive oil and honey.

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