About Shabby (the “Pasakli”!)

Shabby” is a gift, a gift from a lovely friend. I received it 20 years ago, in a fresh spring  day, at the center of Istanbul. In those days, there was only one center in Istanbul; we were not even calling it as a “center” but it was a place where everybody was meeting. It was one of the final days of the school, and the gift of my friend had been a very big surprise for me. While I was still living the shock of my surprise, the little Shabby , a toy, a small funny dog, in my hands, my friend told me:

“Hey,I want to give a little secret of Shabby! Whoever owns it she will travel around the world, it’s the magic of Shabby!

To be sincere, on that day, I was rather interested in the “idea of receiving” of a gift, rather than focusing on the “mystery” of shabby. From that day on several years passed, to be more precise, 20 years passed, and I forgot about the prophecy of this little gift. At that time when I received Shabby I was not thinking about the potentials of it, I was young and plenty of ideas and plans for the future. It was rather a gift from one of the my dearest friends, that was all.  But then my journey in life has brought me to different cities and countries. For 20 years, I had changed many jobs, many places to live, and I had been changed, as usual. Then, during a trip, I remembered about my little Shabby. I was still having it, not lost it thanks God!, and it was there, hidden in a box, waiting in silence and watching me travelling around the world.

Yes the prophecy of Shabby was true! In fact, it has become my loyal companion in my journeys in life. Now, I think that I owe something to my little Shabby,hence it’s time to speak about Shabby, share its stories with others. 

Welcome to the world and wonderful travels of Shabby!


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