Tokyo: Love at first sight

GinzaI felt in love with Tokyo like a seasoned man in autumn falls in love with a fascinating woman… What strikes me the most in this city of over 40 million of population is its quietness everywhere and its order. In addition, people know very well how to behave and respect to each other.

You can not compare Tokyo with Paris or Rome, the former definitely lacks pieces of art belonging to medieval ages, to Renaissance or to some part of history. Some Shinto and Buddhist temples reflect the history of  Japan but overall you can not call it as a historical city. It’s not comparable to New York or Hong Kong either. It’s not having the chaos of those mega cities. Tokyo is like a river, the one you can see in the Japanese traditional gardens, which flows continuously in silence.

The famous Hachiko, the brave dog at the exit of Shibuya station: The dog who waited for his owner for a decade although the latter passed away…  a true story of loyalty…

Hachiko Wall in ShibuyaGinza by night! A place of luxury since centuries….Ginza at nightBack streets of ShinjukuBack streets of ShinjukuFun and play in AkihabaraAkihabaraChamps Elysees de Tokyo: Omote-Sando!Omote-Sando after ShinjukuNear to AsakusaMy new companionMy new companionArrigato Gozaimasu Tokyo!


9 responses to “Tokyo: Love at first sight

  1. Lovely 😊 and the robot is so cute ❤️


  2. >The famous Hachiko

    Today is hachiko’s birthday…it’s mine, too! My post:

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