Memoires from St. Petersburg


(Early morning scene from Helsinki – St. Petersburg train)


(Melancholy in St. Petersburg)

Just one year ago, Shabby had told me to do this trip to St. Petersburg. I didn’t want to travel anywhere. I was in a middle of a deep melancholy and I was feeling that St. Petersburg is not one of these `funny` places on the world where I can forget my `blues`. After three days spent in St. Petersburg, my mood didn’t change unfortunately. But now I remember this city as if it’s one of my dearest friends.  A friendship which never dies and instead becomes stronger as time passes.

IMG_4016 IMG_3996 IMG_4038


It’s interesting to know that just a few hours of train journey from Finland – which is a super organized and natural and creative country, you may totally change to a different world: where the new Russian capitalism is arising through the artististic city.

Palace Square


Peter the Great is the founder of that city at the beginning of 18th century. The city has characteristics of Paris or Venice of that age. The Russian writers used the panorama of that city in their works. Dostoyevsky, Pushkin are the first writers whose names come to mind in this city. Crime and Punishment, White Nights had set stage in St. Petersburg. (The White Nights of the writer had accompanied me during my travel in St. Petersburg.)


Under the Communist Regime, the city was called Leningrad. The ancient Winter Palace which now is being used as Hermitage Museum has one of the greatest collections in the world. According to my guide book; if you spend one minute at each art work; you should spend one year to see the whole collection. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a tourist trap. However, I quickly visited for almost 3 hours only one floor of the museum.

St. Petersburg Metro

Nevsky Prospect is the main boulevard of the city; I recommend taking the metro to reach to the center of city because it’s really tiring to walk all the street from one end to the other.


Apart from the canals (on the Neva River), the Church of the Savior on Blood is the spot where you should take nice pictures.

And the final word for St. Petersburg is…..




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