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Mission Blue chronicles the life, loves and calling of ocean champion Sylvia Earle

Mission Blue is a new documentary for the lovers of the ocean and the nature. Fantastic!

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Sylvia Earle is a fearless 78-year-old woman. In the new documentary Mission Blue, we watch her dive with sharks in the deep blue sea and fearlessly dodge fishing nets as she swims through the middle of a major fishing operation. The film offers a bold new view of the famed oceanographer whose relentless pursuit of saving the ocean takes her from the mythical expanse of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to the swirling schools of the Chesapeake Bay menhaden fishery to the bustling fish markets of Tokyo.

Mission Blue premieres today on Netflix. Watch it here »

Directed by Fisher Stevens (The Cove) and Bob Nixon (Gorillas in the Mist), Mission Blue serves up visually stunning underwater footage. But beyond that, it weaves an inspiring storyline that focuses on Earle herself. Mission Blue could have easily been a documentary about the devastation of the ocean, but…

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Pop Chinese 你看到的不一定是真相

I am a fan of chinese, and I liked this expression!


0814nǐ kàn dào de bù yí dìng shì zhēn xiàng

你 看 到 的 不 一 定 是 真 相。

What you see is not necessarily the truth.


당신이 본 게 진상이 아니다.

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