Chinese Romantism in Li River

Guilin is famous with its Karst hills and with the River Li. If you travel in the South of China, don’t miss this city, try to spend at least one night there and take a daily tour on the Li River. Li River Cruise Guilin is, now, very well connected with major Chinese cities; we arrived there in the evening and stayed two nights in Guilin. One full day Li River cruise is recommended. The cruises start at the Guilin harbour and finish after almost 5 hours, in the Yangshuo town. This is a picturesque journey.  I took the cruise during the Chinese year holiday (February), that’s why the ferries were crowded with local people. The panorama was fantastic; it was like a fairy tale scenery….Mountains have a special place in the life of Chinese people, especially in their spiritual lives… For many years, the poets and the painters described the natural beauty of this area… Li River was described as `a green silk ribbon with hills like jade hairpins`. As your ferry floats slowly you’re having a sense of trying to catch – in vain, the past…. Li River Cruise And the Yangshuo town is different from the industrialized cities of China, it’s touristic but not exhausting. Li River Cruise The tour finished with a bamboo rafting in the middle of the karst mountains… It’s one of the “must-do”s in Yangshuo. We did it at the sunset; very romantic…. Bamboo rafting The second day in Guilin, I had time to visit the folkloric amusement park in the Guilin city center. It’s a good place if you want to learn about the different ethnic cultures in this region… Cockfighting The Jingjiang Palace should also be visited to learn about the ruler of Guilin and its life. The palace was built on the outskirts of a steep hill: On the top you can take panoramic pictures of Guilin center. These two places can be visited in a couple of hours, and if you feel hungry you should absolutely taste the famous Rice Noodles of Guilin…. We finished our Guilin tour with the visit to the Red Flute Cave: in the cave huge stalactites are illuminated and this is a place when you can take great, “bizarre” pictures. Red Flute Cave   Red Flute Cave


2 responses to “Chinese Romantism in Li River

  1. Where did you see the cockfighting in Guilin? That’s interesting.


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