Beijing – Introduction (part 1)

It’s extremely hot in Beijing. This was my first impression when I queued in the long awaiting visa hall. And the airport is crowded as well. It took almost two hours that we finish everything with the visa employee.

Then I headed towards the official taxis waiting at the exit of the airport. I showed the name and the address to the boy who tries to organize the taxi queue. He said something in Chinese to our taxi driver. Then on the way to the city center we found ourselves with the worst traffic jam in the world which I’d ever seen. The taxi driver stopped the car and asked me something in Chinese. He didn’t understand the place of our hotel. I showed him our address paper. He doesn’t understand one word in English! Thanks God, I have the phone number of the hotel which I pointed to him. He called the hotel to get the right directions. My second experience: few Chinese people do understand English. And the third experience: few of them knows Beijing, and that’s true for the taxi drivers. The conclusion: don’t take a taxi if you don’t know Chinese and the directions!

Finally we arrived to hour hotel, which is one of the oldest and well-known in Beijing (not well-known for Chinese taxi drivers of course!) . It was at the corner of the famous pedestrian Wangfujing street.

In the lobby we got the address of the famous roasted duck restaurant which was only one block after our hotel and we rushed to there!

Again with some difficulties of English communication, we finally ordered the famous duck! A chief brought the whole roasted duck in front of us and started to cut it in small layers and pieces, it’s a real show! And the decor of the restaurant was amazing like the taste of the roasted duck! I’m sure everybody would love this taste!

Back to the Wangfujing street, it started to rain and we felt some freshness which made us feel good.

The first hours in beijing on Wangfujing Street, on a very smoggy afternoon!

First day in Wangfujing

Live street performance on Wangfujing street

Chinese Street Performance

Dad Dong Restaurant, famous for the roasted Pekin Duck in Beijing

Da Dong Beijing Restaurant

Happy ducks waiting to be roasted ­čÖé

Da Dong Beijing

Wangfujing on a sunny day!

Wangfujing on a sunny day!


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