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Once More Paris…

“You can kiss your family and friends goodbye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you don’t just live in a world but a world lives in you.”- Frederick Buechner


Once more in Paris…. Just after the snow storm, a couple of chilly but sunny days in Paris….To welcome the spring time of the year (yes, I’d been there on the 21st of March!!!)….To meet with new people and new places again…..


Here are what I had discovered this time in Paris!!!

– I’d spent most of my time in “Salon du Livre“….the final comment: Parisians like to read books, but are still distant to the new technologies….

– I’d tried again and again the breads of Eric Kayser

– Everywhere in Paris the Californian (precisely the Hollywood) style dominates:  in the small caffés there are “chocolate cookies” being sold, there are new opening “burger houses” (tasty? debatable!!!), but the best of all is the promotion of Californian Almonds on the streets of Saint Germain….

– Tried with my friends the famous “La Coupole” in Montparnasse, a legend in Paris with its “celebrity” guests….my favourite plates were rather the desserts made with Valrhona chocolates!!!

– But I would give all my marks to “Les Puces”, a classical French bistrot, where you can have a big plate of salad and delicious desserts (as you may find in any Parisian bistrot as always)…and I discovered les Batignolles, a “bobo” area of Paris as my dear friend Linda told me….I asked her what does “bobo” means, she told me that this is the modern-bohemian life style of Parisians nowadays. This district of Paris, believe me, is an area where you see more Parisians and less tourists…. Worth to have a visit to its bistrots and bars!

– And a gourmet visit to “La Grande Epicerie de Paris“, a big “charcuterie” selling food from all around the world. I discovered this place by chance, when I had headed to Le Bon Marché

– I had revisited again “Marais” district on a very beautiful, and very romantic and sunny Saturday; but the big surprise of that day was the ringing of the bells of Notre Dame for almost half an hour. Emmanuel bell, which is the biggest one was in restauration; and on that saturday the ringing of the repaired bells was a beautiful ceremony for having them again in their places after a long period! 


And some souvenir of my last Paris visit

From “Salon du Livre”


Paris remains Paris aas usual:)


And my “Poisson du Jour” (fish of day) at La Coupole

At "La Coupole"

At “La Coupole”