Around the world in the last days of 2012

Shabby feels not good for a while, I’ m telling him that we shouldn’t be unhappy especially in the last days of the year where we’re preparing ourselves for the surprises of the new year. The world is small and it’s big at the same time, depending on how you want to see it. But for me it still has lots of places and people calling me for their discoveries.

I know very well Shabby, I’m quite sure that Shabby will encourage me for new ‘voyages’ and ‘experiences’.

Nowadays, I’m trying to read more than to write. I had started a book Paul Theroux while I was on the roads in Cambodia. Theroux wrote in his book about the common feelings of travellers. I think that most of us (‘us’ denominates the ‘travellers by heart’ of course) live the situations described by the writer.

“Travel holds the magical possibility of reinvention: that you may find a place you love, to begin a new life and never go home.” says the writer. Yes, the main aim in travelling is to focus on yourself from a different angle of the world. You must first get away from your daily habits in order to discover the hidden parts of your self.

Really what was the reason of travelling for me in 2012? Simply to travel, see and enjot different places and relax? Let’s see…

My travel to ;

Paris was….. to “meet and meet again an old friend!!!”

Love from Paris

 Zanzibar was … to “dissipate the blues of my life (and of the snow) in my city…. ”

It's snowing in my city too!

My heart in Zanzibar

Mystical Stonetown, Zanzibar

India was … to “rediscover again the colours of life with springtime”

Monumental Delhi

Great Love

What I saw from my window in Jaipur

Romantic Udaipur

Palaces of Rajas

Thasssos, Greece was … to “meet with new friends and have fun under the summer sun”

Thassos Souvenir

US was …. to “say hello to my lovely cousin and feel the technology”

New York...New York...

Love from San Francisco

Is it true or is it a dream

Santa Monica the place where I may live in US

Cambodia was …. to “Feel free and extremely self – confident so that I even thought that I might accomplish whatever task it be or I  might solve all impossibilitie in my life….!”

Phnom Pehn

Tatai River - Cambodia

Sihanoukville Cambodia

Singapore…where I’m back to the modern world!

What I saw from my room in Singapore

I wish you plenty of travels and writings in the coming days!


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