Anniversary of my Fiji Adventures!

A couple of days ago one told me; “nothing will be the same”. In fact, each day is different from the previous one and I believe that it should be like that. But once more again, I thought about the importance of remembering the “good” past days. We consume everything hastily, and our memoirs get their shares too in this “manic consumerism”. If I know that today, just in that moment I’m having one of the wonderful hours of my life and that maybe I will not have the possibility of living the same joy afterwards, then why shouldn’t I use my “now” memoirs in order to feel good tomorrow?

Anyway, I put these “emotional” lines just because I remember my sweetest days spent in Fiji Islands just one year ago. Probably I need this remembering; because it makes me feel good. That’s so simple.  I rethink again why I preferred to go there. Some reasons behind this decision:

– Being far away from anything; anything in its broad sense: no telephone, no mobile phone, no internet, no TV, even no glass on the windows of the bures (bure: typical fijian huts).

– Having wanted to be saturated with the ocean waters and ocean world!

– Living with and for my essential needs;ie, eating, drinking, being active in the full nature, sleeping, and repeating these activities each day…so no shopping, no coffee houses in the centers of the cities, no museums, no metros, no traffic, no crowds…

– Investing for the future: collecting the memoirs in my brain and use these when needed (just as I’m doing now!)

Some friends ask me how I went there (the question is normal because it takes almost one day of flight from a European city to Fiji). Well, I advise you to take some flights from Brisbane or Sydney. There are direct flights from Brisbane and it takes almost 5 -6 hours from there to Nadi, the second biggest city of Fiji. The capital city of Fiji is Suva and you may fly to Suva too. But the interesting sights start when you take a boat which will bring you to several of hundreds of Fijian Islands. On some islands there is a small village and a small resort. That’s all, you really feel that you’re living in a secluded part of the world. To go to these islands, you may buy a combo ferry tickets, such as Awesome Adventures ( sells for Yasawa Islands, which are on the western side of Fiji Islands. You can even combine your stays with your ferry tickets. Remember that the ferry (together with the flight tickets) expenses take a major portion in your budget. There are several types of bures on the islands: if you prefer the luxury or your comfort or if you travel with children you can rent your villa; but if you can afford up to 30 – 40 USD per night (including meals) you can stay in the dormitories which are very well equipped. In fact, whether you stay in a luxury villa or in a dormitory at the end, there’s no difference. You are at most 30 – 40 travellers together in a tiny island who share the same destiny!And believe me there’s no meaning of luxury in these islands!

In most islands, you don’t have any technology, so leave aside your IPhones, your internet connection. After a while if you feel full of seafood, sea, snorkelling, hiking and diving,  reading a book or writing your diary will be the common spending time activities of all!     

Now is the turn of some visual reminders… 

– Local People in Nadi Market –

 – Serenity in front of me!…

– My Fijian friends!-

– Girls are dancing!”

-and men are dancing too!-

– Fijian view from my terrace (from the Manta Ray Resort where I spent a couple of days!)

– Deserted beaches of the Fiji islands…



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