Welcome to Cambodia!

My first time visit to Cambodia was for Angkor; this time I am in Phnom Pehn and I’ll try yo discover other parts of the country.

It’s a peaceful country where everybody has a smile on the face! King Sihanouk died a couple of days ago, and the country is in mourning for their king!

Phnom Pehn is an old city, it was the capital since 15th century, after Angkor, but the Thais devastated  the city at the 18th century. In the following periods, France had re-constructed the city. The historical buildings date from french era.

Today, I visited Central Market, built by french in 1930s; the architecture of its dome is really good; but the food stalls are very interesting, especially when you see some fried insects, which are like cambodgian chips!

The Royal Palace is impressive but it’s closed because of the King Sihanouk’s funerals. People don’t know when it will be re-opened…

The National Museum is having a beautiful building but not a lot pieces inside. To be frank, Musée Guimet in Paris has a wider section for Cambodia!

The streets are plenty of motos and luxury jeeps! There are more jeeps than normal autos here!!!

Wat Phnom is the temple built on a hill of the city. I guess that this is the only hill of the city by the way. According to the legend, the city had been first established here and got its name from this temple.

Dome of the Central Market

Fish and…

and chips in Cambodian style!

Flowwers and …

prayers for the King Sihanouk…


The second day in Phnom Penh had been really very though! First the heat and the humidity were irresistable. Then, I did a long way to the famous “Killing Fields”, it’s only 15 km. outside the center but with a  tuk tuk iy yakes almost 40 – 45 minutes. And the dust is really exhausting. Anyway, nce arrived to the Killing Fields, I entered into a different world; a world as if popped out from a Hollywood film, a place for which you think that can not be real. This is the place where thousands of dead bodies, dead after having been tortured are found. At the entrance audio guides are distributed which ease the follow up of the Pol Pot regime history. The only scene which I could captured was the remainings of some of these bodies. Thousands of babies and their mothers, hundreds of intellectuals and millions of people had been tortured and dead. This is one of the many killing fields created between 1975 – 1979 (not so many years ago) and where the visitors only listen in silence the histories told by the guides.

My journey had been completed with the visit of another place, S1 prison, a former high school in the center of Phnom Penh, near to the chaotic Russian Market. In this prison, it’s estimated that thousands of innocent cambodians had been tortured. The “empty” cells still witness in silence those days.

No word can be sufficient to explain the history of these people!

Victims looking over Killing Fields

 Silence, we’re in the prison!


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