What’s my next destination?

My Shabby is insisting that I should go to a remote place and leave everything behind me  for a short period of time. Shabby is really brave and encouraging. I am confused from my side because I had just returned from a long travel from Americas. Did I like it? Yes. How many people is able to profit from such a generosity of the life, ie, can travel easily? I must be grateful to life for that.

Then Shabby started lobbying for a travel to Indochina, mainly to Vietnam and Halong Bay. In addition to that, he wants me to see Bali, get a rest in peaceful Ubud. And since Shabby knows my interests for the stylish cities, he wants from me to spend one or two nights in Singapore. On the other hand, my time is limited, I have almost 9- 10 days for this vacation. Plus, I’m not sure how to combine all these legs of this journey and in last days I discovered from some blogs that Cambodia was still not too much touristic. I’d already seen Siem Reap (Angkow Wat) in Cambodia, and I may see further places in this country as well.

Therefore, I spent a considerable time between pictures, blogs, guide books, hotel recommendations, budget calculations, flights arrangements and re-arrangements, and I couldn’t come to a final decision, but I ended up with these following three destinations:


Day 1 & 2 – Ho Chi Min (Vietnam)

Day 3, 4 ,5 & 6 – Hanoi (Vietnam)

Day 7,8,9,10,11 – Bali (2 nights in Ubud 3 nights in Oberoi Bali)

Day 12 – Jakarta (Indonesia) and return to home


Day 1  – Singapore

Day 2,3,4,5,6 & 7 – Bali & Lombok (4 nights in Bali, 2 nights in Lombok to see Gilli Islands for snorkelling)

Last 2 days – in Singapore and return to home


Day 1 – Singapore

Day 2 & 3 – Phnom Phen (Cambodia)

Day 4 & 5 – Cardamoms Mountains (Soth West Cambodia)

Day 6,7 & 8 – South / South west Coastal Cambodia

Day 9 & 10 – Singapore and return home

Which one of these plans will be realized, we’ll see in a short period time. Until then, take care….

(Ubud, Bali, from

Halong Bay, Vietnam (from CondeNastTraveler,

Halong Bay, Vietnam

or this one from Cambodia…. (from my photo archive….taken in Angkor Wat)



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