Final thoughts and pictures from India

Shabby is telling me to finish my India series, he reminds me about my next trips and I should be ready for these ones. I realized that India is a never-ending story in itself. Yes I should stop (not finish) my posts about India and I’ll do it with the pictures of the most beautiful city of India’s Udaipur.

Udaipur is the Venice of India and this allegory is correct. The beautiful City Palace and buildings with views to the Pichola lake are creating a very romantic and picturesque panorama.

Furthermore, it’s a quite small city, there are no crowds, and no noise in the streets as I was accustomed in other cities.

And also one of the best places for honeymoon. In fact I also witnessed to a wedding party of a rich Indian family in the town.

The hotels are also romantic, it’s worth to spend money here – if you don’t have such a problem of course. Spend one night in the famous Taj Lake Palace Hotel and another in the famous Udaivillas Hotel of Oberoi hotels. It’s worth for every penny that you’ll spend here.

And don’t forget to watch Octopussy –James Bond film while you stay in Udaipur 🙂


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