More posts about Rajasthan

I have to admit…human beings are really strange: they adapt easily to comfort, and after that, they can’t forget about it. Before going to US, I paused of posting my sweet memoires about Rajasthan, which I want to resume now. Why am I keeping to talk about India? There’s some magic in the contrasts of this country which I can’t feel in the westernized world.
Now returning back to my journey in the  Rajasthan  wonderland- I continue with Jaipur, the Pink City of the Rajas.

“How rich may be a “rich” Indian man?” I asked to my driver Sauab.

“There’s no limit to be rich in Jaipur” he answered me. “Because the richest person of Jaipur owns the city”
“Woow,whistled me Shabby, “that sounds logical. See this is the Raja who ordered to paint the whole city in pink for the reception of British king”
Shabby is right. The City Palace is depicting the glorious and a little bit melancholic past of these Rajas.
here are some of my pictures that may give you an idea…




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