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Article: South African safaris for first-timers: 8 tips

South African safaris for first-timers: 8 tips


What’s my next destination?

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My Shabby is insisting that I should go to a remote place and leave everything behind me  for a short period of time. Shabby is really brave and encouraging. I am confused from my side because I had just returned from … Continue reading


Final thoughts and pictures from India

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Shabby is telling me to finish my India series, he reminds me about my next trips and I should be ready for these ones. I realized that India is a never-ending story in itself. Yes I should stop (not finish) my posts … Continue reading


My adventures in Jaipur streets

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Dear friends, all streets in Jaipur, like in other parts of India was noisy and crowded, but this is India. Shabby called me “coquettish” princess, who fears to be merged into the daily life. And I felt upset about that. … Continue reading


More posts about Rajasthan

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I have to admit…human beings are really strange: they adapt easily to comfort, and after that, they can’t forget about it. Before going to US, I paused of posting my sweet memoires about Rajasthan, which I want to resume now. Why am … Continue reading