Some of My Highlights in US

Now it’s time to re-remember some interesting places in the cities which I visited:


–   If you have limited time, visit Asian Art, Central Asia, Ancient Near Eastern Art and Arts of Africa,Oceania, and the Americas in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I think that that will take more than 2 full days if you want to see all collections.

–   Go and relax in Bryant Park or in the small park at the Union Square. Central Park is another world…

–   Visit Strand Bookstore; this is a four-storeys book palace and the Mecca of book lovers.

–   If you want to experience a Broadway musical, you can buy reduced price tickets in the ticket box in Times Square.

(And thousand times thanks to “Jasmin” who suggested me most of those itineraries.

 In SF :

– The Cheesecake Factory,  located at the roof top of Macy’s in front of Union Square. One of the bests.  (

– Breakfast or lunch at Lori’s Diner…. Forget your blues thanks to tasty omelettes and pancakes and the cheerful ambiance… (

– Drink a “Ginger Ale” in one of the cafes/ bars in the piers. Its taste is one of the wonders of the world!

– Eat ice cream in Ghirardelli  (their chocolates are tasty too)(

 In LA:

– Although everybody will tell you to rent a car, you can use metro / trains / buses  for wandering within and around the city. Take bus No. 720  or 734 to go to Santa Monica / Venice Beach. It takes approximately 1 hr to get to these places from downtown

– Visit Universal Studios and if possible go there in the early morning. Don’t miss Transformers’ Ride. I waited 2 hrs in the line for that ride and it’s worth to wait.




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