New York City — Part I

On the way to New York: I watched a movie called  “Anna and the King” one of the best movies on Indochina and Siames Kingdom. It’s really a good idea to plan next trip in one of those countries.

In the film there’s also a story of one of the concubines of the King: she’s in love with a man from her village and they met in hidden but then the King’s soldiers found them. The concubine, while she’s being brought to the place where she would be decapitated with her lover answers the question of why she chose such a messy thing to do like that: “If love was a choice ,who would choose such an exquisite pain!”

Eerie, or Hayri became good friend of mine and especially  Shabby




This should be a sign for me to plan a trip in a Siamese Country!!! (Since the start of this travel, I encounter with “signs” showing me that direction ! )





And some other shots from NYC, to which everybody is familiar


One response to “New York City — Part I

  1. Very cool! NYC is such a fantastic place!!! I just myself earlier this year for the first time. i like the pic of Times Square.


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