Rajasthan Impressions – Part 5 – Fatehpur Sikri

My next stop after Taj Mahal was Fatehpur Sikri, the “palace city”, a few kilometres outside of Agra, on our long way to Jaipur.

 Fatehpur Sikri had been once the capital of  Shah Akbar, the famous Mughul emperor, and this palace complex was built by himself, known in the history as Akbar the Great.

 As far as I remember Fatehpur Sikri means “City of Victory”, and it truly deserves this name. It was noon time when we arrived there, and we were already feeling the heat over our heads. Maybe because of that, there were very few people around us, just two small groups of tourists. This means that when these small groups were disappearing behind some walls of one of the gardens of the palace, we were alone and the whole complex was belonging, sorry!, remaining to us.

 And there, one after another, we visited calmly the three separetely built palaces for the three wives of the emperor: one was hindu, other was christian and the last was muslim. All three buildings were having separate architecture and ornaments, which reflect the cultural and religious differences of those ladies!

 It’s one of the places in the world which astonished me so much because I was feeling as if I’m in a time tunnel with the fabulous palaces, vast gardens and pools decorating each of these gardens, and the uninterrupted songs of the birds surrounding us (yes, the birds of India know very well where to live, I witnessed to the same scene in Agra Fort and in Taj as well!). The truth is that you still feel the presence of Emperor and his wives in this place. Eveything is left as they are. One or two hindu beggars on shadowy corners of the buildings were completing this athmosphere.

 After a one hour visit of the site, we headed to our car waiting for us at the down of the hill. On our way, children sticked me trying to sell something or asking for some money. I couldn’t help the unfortunately. I just wanted to glance a last time this amazing city: the goats at the entrance of the mosque next to the Palace were watching us indifferently. Lightheaded, I took my place in the air-conditioned car;

 “Welcome back to our world again!” cheered me Shabby.


2 responses to “Rajasthan Impressions – Part 5 – Fatehpur Sikri

  1. Amazing! I want to go to India someday!


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