Rajasthan Impressions — Taj Mahal

“Amongst the distant plains white cupolas, of that diaphanous pearliness that no artifice can ever imitate, are seen rising from the dusty haze that covers all the land, a haze which turns from blue to purple in the evening twilight.[…] Standing in a park-like cemetery that is walled in like a fortress, the Taj is the largest and most stainless mass of marble that the world has seen.” (Pierre Loti, 1903)

 There have been so many poems, memoirs, novels, essays and all other kind of literature work created for Taj Mahal! I just wanted to start with an excerpt from Pierre Loti’s travels memoirs of India, which I believe summarizes the first reactions of a person who sees Taj Mahal the first time in his life.

 So did I feel like that! In fact this is a  place where you don’t need to say lots of words. Taj Mahal is considered as the most romantic monument in the world, and the most sumptuous one for me! Once entered into the monument, you’re in the garden of heaven! The monolithic whiteness is in front of you reminding you that Heaven exists! With love, with songs of colorfoul birds, with silently flowing Yamuna river at the back, with fresh reflections of Taj on its front pools and with timeless marbled façades, you remember once more the existence of a Heaven, a heaven still witnessing the real love of man and woman, the essence of life in fact!

What can I say more? Maybe,I can wish that the reader of this post go to Taj to witness to this miracle of humanity! 


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