Rajasthan Impressions Part 4 (or example to an epicurean life style!)


Yes, India is amazing, it’s colourful, noisy, crowded and too much holy, all at the same time. My knowledge of India was limited to those attributions before. And my friends who just came back from a trip to India was telling me to be ready to see all kinds of colour, noise, crowds, holy places –ie, all these same attributions, but… combined with poverty. But I don’t want to see poor people around me! No matter the criticisms of which I may become target, I need some rest in a peaceful environment. And for that, I don’t need to go to yoga classes (i’m a true realist!), what I need is to see few people around me, some silence, fresh air. And thanks God, I have my Shabby with me who understands my needs!

That’s the reason why I selected the best hotels of the country during my stay in India. Because I need to relax, get some pause after hours spent in the middle of chaotic Indian streets.

And if you want to get my opinion, from a practical point of view, if you don’t mind about your budget, choose the best hotels of India. First of all, these are having high end service: every small detail is being taken care by a personnel or even by the director(s) of the hotels. Let me give you an example: if you go swimming in the pool of these hotels after having left your book open in your desk, when you  return back, you’ll find a bookmark of the hotel placed between the pages where you remained. No need to even talk about the politeness and accuracy of the staff…..

Second reason of selecting these hotels is that they’re not as expensive as you may think of. Consider that you have to pay a little bit more than what you pay for an average European hotel, where you have to face the caprice of the receptionist and wait for your turn and have to carry your heavy bags yourself! The quality of service and the price you pay for it is too much beyond of everything. And also, if you’re lucky, your next room’s guest may be a real prince or princess or a famous Hollywood star (which happened to me in two of those hotels).

There are mainly 2 hotels of that category: Taj Hotels and Oberoi Hotels, and I preferred the second one in most of the cities because they also offered me a special package where I had a very advantageous discount in the total sum which I paid. (In Udaipur I spent one night in Taj Lake Hotel, I’ll talk about it in my next posts)

Now, when I return to my indian memoirs…..yes, Agra Fort had amazed us, but after a couple of hours we had felt exhausted (probably because of heat and humidity too much different from our country). And I don’t like the noise. (I know that I repeat that word several times, but in Istanbul, ( the city where “I live for working” but not “work for living”), I have enough with this noise problem!


Anyhow, I found myself in Oberoi Amarvillas, in Agra, and this was a hotel constructed and designed in Indian palaces style. A big surprise was awaiting us at the entrance to the room: Taj Mahal  was standing right in front of me!!!!

My inner voice was telling to myself to stay there and admire Taj Mahal like that for two days!!! But, I heard the whispering of Shabby, motivating me to go and see Taj Mahal at the sundawn time. This was the least crowded  and the most beautiful time of the day for Taj Mahal. Ok, deal. I feel still happy, I would have more than half of a day to hook on the bewitching silhouette of this one of the greatest monuments of all times!



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