Rajasthan Impressions — Part 3: AGRA FORT

After a trip of almost 4 hours we arrived to Agra. The distance between New Delhi Airport where we landed and Agra was around 200 km. But I think that the cacaphony of the trucks’ horns were creating a “negative energy” preventing us to move faster than expected! (besides we were having a new brand Toyota van in good conditions!). Otherwise the roads were ok and I didn’t see so much traffic. And I still don’t know how we managed to spend 4 hours to complete 200 km. of distance!

 Finally we arrived at the gate of Agra Fort. It was hot and humid outside, but I was feeling good. I always like sun and hot weather.

 Maybe because this is the first place which I saw, Agra Fort astonishmed me! I was not expecting such a masterpiece! Once entered into the courtyards of the Fort, you forget about the outside word, the human crowds, the trucks’ horns, the humidity, the heat, everything. This is as if you enter to a castle from 1001 Nights Tales, that’s it! There, you realize the grandeur and potential of human being: if man wants he can create masterpieces, and if man wants he can destroy whole world. This is the freewill question of humanity!

 Then at the outer courts of the Fort, we met with the surprise waiting for us. Behind a thin curtain of fog, the Taj Mahal was lying there, on the other side of the city, resplendently lying in front of us! Only after this moment I knew that the reflexions of Taj Mahal had created the beauty of Agra Fort. (and the reason of why I admired so much this ancient Indian temple!)

 I was standing in a place where Shah Jahan, detained by his son circa 500 years ago, was probably admiring Taj Mahal, the mausoleum where his beloved wife was buried. But I had to wait one more day to meet with this monument witnessing to the great love of all times!


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