Thassos Impressions – 1. Part

“Zorba, The Greek” was with me when I first travelled to Thassos. I’m not a kind a person who brings with me books to be read especially in some places. It was by coincidence that I was having that book with me. In fact it was a present of an old friend, with his script manually written on the cover page of the book, as follows:

“It should give you insights and revive your spirits”.

It was an old book, and on top of this script it was written the name of my old friend together with the name of the place where he read it: Tehran!

I received this gift a few days ago when I had finalized my plans to go to Thassos. I was not feeling good in those days, as usual I was having a kind of “melancholy of life” status, and I was not having any desire to move to a different place.

Then my companion told me: “Hey, I bought a ticket to Xanthi (Iskece), do you want to come with me?”

My answer was a “spiritless”  no.

Then I don’t know how, but Shabby blinked his eye to me. “You should go there to revive your spirits… you should listen to your old friend, my dear!”

And hence, I joined my travel companion. It was a short trip of four days. We took an intercity bus from Istanbul at 10 :00 Pm, and we were in Xanthi (Iskece) at 05:00 AM of the morning.There a Pomak family met us at the bus stop. It was early in the morning and nobody in the streets except us and the used pick-up car of our hosts. We set off to the small villages of our hosts. As we were passing through the Rodopi mountains, the fresh air awakened us. It was so different from my big city, everything was so natural and so fresh! As everywhere in the world, daily life begins too early in the small villages. When we arrived, the breakfast was already ready for us, with fresh eggs, milk and  bread.

After having been fully filled with energy, our hosts drove us to Keramoti; another small town where we took the ferry for the Thassos Island. After half an hour I was there, Zorba in my hands.


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